We provide the most sustainable air domes

We provide the most <strong>sustainable</strong> air domes

People are familiar with sustainability for private houses, but less so for other types of buildings.



Certified by independent European third-party laboratories.

Lower your costs and build a sustainable future

Your new project

Sustainable Economic Enviromental

Lower initial investment, running costs and build a sustainable future.

When investing in your new facility you have to consider initial investment, running costs, environmental, and profitability of your new project.

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Our green solution

DUOL always takes environmental, sustainability and profitability factors into account, when designing, manufacturing and constructing air domes.


Less material

A unique quality of air dome is the fact that less material is needed to enclose large spaces.


Pre-assembled and compact, there is no welding, cutting or on-site fabrication.  

Light-weight components

The lightweight components are easily transportable, rapidly deployable, require smaller teams and less equipment to install compared to traditional bricks and mortar construction.


Resources needed

Energy consumed

Costs generated

Time elapsed

Impact on environment

This does not only limit energy consumption, costs in logistics, materials used and building time, but also decreases pollution and environmental impact.

Unmatched Quality Pricing

Save with your investment

Easy installation and relocation

DUOL foundations are environmentally friendly because they involve minimal site work.

Site disturbance


We can offer also more advanced foundations options which are classified as 100 percent temporary, can be relocatable and repurposed on other location. 

This anchoring option is environmentally sensitive, as the anchors can be removed without disturbing the surrounding area.

Made To Suit Your Requirements

Unique Anchoring system

By using ground anchors, the air dome is anchored directly into the ground with  minimal ground disruption.

Membrane system

Membrane <strong>system</strong>

We understand that initial construction costs represent only part of the story, and that our customers want a “green” design to help keep operating costs low for decades.

Regular operational costs

DUOL operational costs

DUOL is leading the industry with the introduction of DUOL ECO Membrane system. With multilayer insulation option, it ensures highest thermal insulation.

Highly transparent membrane layers maximized interior daylight, reducing energy for illumination. 

DUOL ECO Membrane system reduce your operating costs, making DUOL structures most energy-efficient choice.


High-strength outer membrane


Air pocket


Inner membrane


Seem without any thermal bridges (increases insulation efficiency)


DUOL ECO Insulation system

sustainability hotspots

Immensely increases the insulation efficiency of the membrane and reduces the U-value to a very low number.

ECO Ultra is the latest DUOL innovation with the most advanced membrane technology. A state-of-the-art insulation system between the membranes ensures the lowest possible U-value.

Compare how we save energy

The key to construct an economical, low-energy, sustainable building is in providing sufficient thermal insulation. Poorly insulated walls contributing to huge energy bills and have negative impact on the environment.

In order to detect heat loss, that is invisible to the naked eye, we have been using thermal imaging technology to develop the most energy efficient air domes with lowest possible U-value.

Drag thermal camera around to inspect dome's thermal conditions

Other domes

DUOL dome

Other domes
Other domes Thermal Camera

Other domes

Other domes
Other domes Thermal Camera

DUOL dome

DUOL dome
DUOL dome Thermal Camera

Durability & Recycling

DUOL ECO Membrane is durable with more than 40 years of lifespan. It is also 100% recyclable and is compliant with the main sustainability standards. 



Easy maintenance long service life

Easy maintenance long service life

DUOL makes no compromise on the quality of all its product range and has set up an easy maintenance program to avoid premature ageing and further extend the service life of the air dome.

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Together with the choice of the material and all the steps of a structure’s life span, the demolition and recycling phase is one of the key factors influencing the global carbon footprint. DUOL structures are designed in an optimum way to limit the environmental impact and achieve the best results in terms of sustainability.

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Net zero energy ready

DUOL has developed innovative and feasible concepts to reach zero-energy standards.