Fabric structures

Fabric structures

We produce high-quality engineered fabric structure solutions for all kinds of businesses, sports clubs and Public Work professionals to ensure their needs are met. It’s why we are the trusted brand to meet either short or long-term fabric building demands.

No matter what industry you are in – industrial, commercial or sport – we have a fabric-enclosed building to meet your needs and expectations.

We understand fabric

Company DUOL is much more than just an air dome supplier. With an international network of specialists from different fields, DUOL provides solutions in textile membrane structures. Our projects are used in various areas, from sports, events, industry etc.

First and largest airdome - fabric covered velodrome in Europe.

First and largest airdome-covered velodrome in Europe.

Fabric structure at 2019 Art Basel; artist Alexandra Pirici.

Fabric bubble at 2019 Art Basel; artist Alexandra Pirici.

The only airdome - fabric covered velodrome in France.

The only airdome-covered velodrome in France.

Ronaldinho Soccer Academy. Dubai.  High thermal insulation.

Ronaldinho Soccer Academy in Dubai.  High thermal insulation.

The largest wooden frame fabric structure in Asia.

The largest wooden frame fabric structure in Asia.

Retractable fabric covering. Steel support columns.

Retractable fabric covering. Steel support structure.

Fabric structure covering for diving platform inclusion.

Fabric structure covering with diving platform inclusion.

Habitat pods with pneumatic supporting fabric structure

Habitat pods with pneumatic supporting fabric structure.

DUOL has been in the fabric building business for nearly 30 years. We understand fabric, so we give you only the best fabric quality. We understand which type of structure is most appropriate and we can offer you custom-designed:

  1. Air dome - air supported fabric structure 
  2. Timber frame construction - fabric structure supported by timber frames
  3. Fabric building - fabric structure supported by steel frames

Browse categories below and find a fabric structure that meets your requirements.

Not sure which type of structure is best for your project?

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DUOL Fabric buildings

No matter what the season, no matter what the climate, no matter what location, we are committed to providing the best service to our customers

Outstanding Fabric Quality

DUOL is all about fabric – from the mechanics of fabric-enveloped structures to fabric properties.

Rapid ROI 

Buildings enveloped in fabric are useful for apps of all kinds, and we focus on offering low operational and maintenance costs.

Swift Development, Installation and Relocation

We focus on offering structures that can be quickly put set up, taken down and moved to another location thanks to the pre-fabricated module. We have site supervisors and committed construction teams that allow us to carry out any custom design.

Flexible Design

We are happy to create personalized projects that are entirely flexible in its design. We go above and beyond the industry norms to bring your original ideas to life.

Durable Engineering

We hire only the best designers and engineers; those who have spent years mastering their skills and techniques to create high-quality, extremely durable fabric structures


We stand by the quality of our products and services, making sure that our customers are completely satisfied and profitable.

Why Should You Consider DUOL For Your Next Building Construction?

We create a fabric building that will meet your expectations and needs.

Everything DUOL does for its customers – from the designing to the installation – is done in-house.   Every building will be designed based on the information you provide us. Canvas buildings can and will include door and end wall choices, HVAC, ventilation, conveyor systems, lighting, electric, etc.  

Sports buildings Fabric structures areal photo

High-Quality Fabric

DUOL, which has been in business for nearly 30 years, looks to be seen as a dependable fabric building manufacturer. Our professionals realize what works and still conduct research on the various kinds of fabrics, so we give you only the best material for your establishment.

Best Value

We listen intently to our customers’ needs and provide them with various fabric building choices that fit their budget and improve business efficiency.

Extremely Durable

We don’t skimp on quality. We do everything possible to ensure your satisfaction – from the very first communication and throughout the delivery and installation process, so you are happy with the final outcome. DUOL fabric offers only the best covers for your structure. Best of all, the fabric is resistant to wind, rain, snow, ice, etc. and will last for years to come. 


We will ensure that your building will meet local codes regarding wind, snow, unbalanced snow loads, ice and seismic activity. 


Our professionals will travel anywhere you need your fabric structure erected. 


We have a team of professional installers that understand the ins and outs of fabric buildings.

All-Inclusive Service

We don’t just install the fabric structure and leave. We will help you from beginning to end and more. At DUOL, we are committed to total satisfaction, even after the installation is complete.

DUOL corporate video

7 More Reasons To Consider A Fabric-Covered Building For Your Company

Building materials have come a long way and don’t take as much time and labor to construct. Fabric buildings reduce the time and labor necessary to erect a company building, making them advantageous to other building materials. What are some of the benefits you garner from a fabric building design?

fabric building covered tennis courts

Rapid Installation

It can take months for construction to be complete on a conventional building. Fabric structures can take less than a week (sometimes a day) to install. There is little installation to be done (hence the increase in cost savings)

Easily Increase Your Space

What makes our fabric buildings so unique in another way is the lack of internal supports (or columns), giving you unobstructed views and length. If you want to increase the length of your fabric building, you can easily do so without additional “construction” costs.

Lower Energy Costs

The clear span buildings fabric can lower your energy costs by allowing natural light to filter inside while heat is reflected away from thanks to our white roof surface. No need to use artificial light in the daytime, and the added insulation means better air infiltration and a decrease in heat transference.


Our fabric structures are designed to be temporary as well as permanent. If you’re moving, they can be easily deconstructed and reconstructed in your new location. If you no longer need it, you can easily take it down and sell it.

Exceptional Strength and Safety 

DUOL creates fabric shelters that can withstand loads of all kinds – from wind to snow. We ensure our engineered frame will meet the codes local authorities have set forth for weather conditions and earthquakes. We’re also concerned about safety, so we make sure our fabric buildings meet fire codes as well.

We Can Support Your Brand

We offer you an array of choices in various colors, making it likely to find fabric buildings that fit your company’s brand. We can also add your company’s logo to the walls and roof using the specs you provide.